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We may not realize that we have downgraded our life to accommodate our symptoms or conditions. Maybe you've got nagging shoulder pain that is keeping you from riding your bike, or stabbing back pain that gets in the way of picking up your grandchildren. Perhaps you wake up with headaches that affect your concentration and happiness. Over time we make small adjustments to our quality of life that slowly take away from our life expression and life enjoyment. But life doesn’t have to be this way.

How would your life be if you had MORE joy, more flexibility, more ease, less pain, more resourcefulness, and more adaptability to stress? What if you could live the life you wanted or imagined? NetworkSpinal is your not-so-secret weapon to achieve all of this and more.

Your healing journey begins with scheduling your first appointment with Dr. Stephanie. During your first visit, Dr. Stephanie will conduct a thorough health history and spinal health assessment. Then you will come back for your follow up to the first visit, and you will receive your Doctor’s report, along with your first NetworkSpinal entrainment (adjustment). Dr. Stephanie will put together a program of care that is specifically tailored to your needs, and she will go over your care options with you at this second visit.

Your course of care will consist of a number of entrainments over time. The frequency of visits depends on your specific situation. In order to get the desired results and outcome, it is important to stick to your entrainment frequency/schedule. Regular check-ins, or evaluations, will be included in your care. Also you and your friends and family will be welcomed to attend any of our spinal workshops or classes.

You can schedule your first visit online HERE. Still have questions? Email Dr. Stephanie at


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